Faith Is Found Here: New Year’s Intentions for Artists.” Good Letters, Image Journal blog (2019)

A Vision for the Coming Year.” On the Seawall (2018)

A Wilderness of Her Own.” Good Letters, Image Journal blog (2018)

Mid-April Book of Days.” On the Seawall (2018)

"Battles."  Finalist for Prose Open Prize. Tupelo Quarterly (2017)

"'Don't Let Me Down': Eleven Facts About the Beatles."  Pine Hills Review (2017)

Approaching Mystery flash essay series on award-winning Sick Pilgrim blog, curator and contributor.  

"Seven for Today." Rattle & Pen column, Smarty Mommy Magazine (2017)

POETS ON POETS #1: “Muriel Rukeyser’s 'Calling' and the Power of Poetry.”  The Poetry Question (2015)

"On Bell Book and Candle: Imaginary Resolution and Witchy Excess."  Delirious Hem (2013)


Poems and Microfiction

I Am Strange Here.” Reservoir. (2018)

When We Were Fearsome.” Poem-a-Day from the Academy of American Poets (2018)

"A Day in the Life"; "Pink Moon Self-Portrait"; "Fortuitous Poem." The Tiny. (2017)

"Heavy Bonnet"; "A Bridge Too Far"; "A Sort of Crackling," poems. Vinyl Poetry and Prose. (2017)

“Close Encounters”; “[I wanted him home]”; “Cupid”; “[In New York sometimes].” Flash memoir and poems. South Dakota Review (2017)

"Creature Report." Collaborative poem with Todd J. Colby.  Open Letters Monthly (2016)

“How to Make Movements”; “Unequal Bittersweet,” poems. Posit: A Journal of Literature and Art. (2015)

“Crown,” poem.  Open Letters Monthly. (2014)

“Slow Crescendo,” “Fragments,” “On the Delicate and Non-Delicate Movements of Weather and Time,” “Fragments (2),” poems.  South Dakota Review. (2013)  

"The Field," poem. Poetry International. (2012)

"Dear Upstairs Neighbor," microfiction. Everyday Genius. (2011)

"Glacier" and "Fractal," poems. Ping Pong. (2010)

"The Sculpture Garden," microfiction. Pindeldyboz. (2010)

"Andy," microfiction. Opium Magazine. (2010)

"Polemic," poem. elimae. (2009)


Critical Publications

"Claudia Rankine’s Refusal of the Mask: Post-9/11 Poetics and the Anti-Persona."
The Task of Un/Masking: Essays on Poetry and Race.  Ed. Laura McCullough. (U of Georgia Press, 2015)

"A Review of James Schuyler’s Other Flowers." 
Pleiades (2011)

"A Review of Michael Dickman’s The End of the West." 
Pleiades (2010)

"Gothic Signifying in Charles Chesnutt’s Mandy Oxendine."
MELUS (2009)

Interview with poet Ross Gay. 
The Cortland Review (2008)

"A Review of Davis McCombs’ Dismal Rock." 
Pleiades (2008)

"Mystery and Urgency: A Review of Jean Valentine’s Little Boat."
Pleiades (2008)