Often working at the intersection of genres, Joanna Penn Cooper is the author of two full-length collections of poetry and lyric prose, The Itinerant Girl’s Guide to Self-Hypnosis from Brooklyn Arts Press and What Is a Domicile from Noctuary Press.  Both books were well-received, garnering positive reviews from national sources.  According to the Poetry Foundation blog, "If you seek innovative poetry that engages with motherhood, [What Is a Domicile] is a must-read," and American Microreviews and Interviews compared the speaker of Itinerant Girl to “a contemporary Scout Finch . . . self-aware and defiant.”  Joanna is also the author of several chapbooks of poetry, including Mesmer from Dancing Girl Press and Crown from Ravenna Press, winner of the 2014 Cathlamet Prize.  Her most recent chapbooks are When We Were Fearsome, from Ethel Zine and Press, and Mud Woman, a collaboration with Rebecca Bratten Weiss (Dancing Girl Press). An enthusiastic collaborator with other artists, Joanna also co-authored the collection I’m Glad I Know You with Todd Colby (Poetry Crush).  Her poetry and essays have appeared in multiple journals, including South Dakota Review, Poetry International, Vinyl Poetry and Prose, The Tiny, Opium, Open Letters Monthly, and Posit.  Her essay “Battles” was a finalist for Tupelo Quarterly’s 2017 Prose Open Contest.