Poems and Microfiction

“How to Make Movements”; “Unequal Bittersweet,” poems. Posit: A Journal of Literature and Art. (2015)

“Crown,” poem.  Open Letters Monthly. (2014)

“Slow Crescendo,” “Fragments,” “On the Delicate and Non-Delicate Movements of Weather and Time,” “Fragments (2),” poems.  South Dakota Review. (2013)  

"The Field," poem. Poetry International. (2012)

"Answers to Your Spring Questions," poem. Ping Pong. (2012)

"Seize the Day," poem. RealPoetik. (2012)

"Dear Upstairs Neighbor," microfiction. Everyday Genius. (2011)

"Excerpt from Summer Project." poem. South Dakota Review. (2011)

"An I and a You," poem. Boog City. (2011)

"Our New Year," poem. Muse. (2011)

"Metallic Sandals," "Perfect Bird (a kind-of ghazal)," "Loon Poem," poems.  Lyre Lyre. (2011) 

"I Am Pleased to Introduce My Brand," "Another Poem About My Indomitable Spirit," poems. Supermachine. (2010)

"Glacier" and "Fractal," poems. Ping Pong. (2010)

"Age of Wonders," collaborative poem with Todd Colby. Lungfull! Magazine. (2010)

"The Sculpture Garden," microfiction. Pindeldyboz. (2010)

“Boxes (1),” “Boxes (2),” poems. elimae. (2010)

"Andy," microfiction. Opium Magazine. (2010)

"Polemic," poem. elimae. (2009)

"See That Bird," poem. Boog City. (2009)

"Portrait," microfiction. Dicey Brown. (2004)

Creative Nonfiction

POETS ON POETS #1: “Muriel Rukeyser’s 'Calling' and the Power of Poetry.”  The Poetry Question (2015)

"Service, Motherhood, and 'Being Somebody': A Meditation in Nine Parts."  Rattle & Pen (2013)

"On Bell Book and Candle: Imaginary Resolution and Witchy Excess."  Delirious Hem (2013)

Frequent contributor to Poetry Crush, a website edited by J. Hope Stein, where I have written on Will OldhamTomas Tranströmer, and Joe Brainard, among other subjects.


Critical Publications

"Claudia Rankine’s Refusal of the Mask: Post-9/11 Poetics and the Anti-Persona."
The Task of Un/Masking: Essays on Poetry and Race.  Ed. Laura McCullough. (U of Georgia Press, 2015)

"A Review of James Schuyler’s Other Flowers." 
Pleiades (2011)

"A Review of Michael Dickman’s The End of the West." 
Pleiades (2010)

"Gothic Signifying in Charles Chesnutt’s Mandy Oxendine."
MELUS (2009)

Interview with poet Ross Gay. 
The Cortland Review (2008)

"A Review of Davis McCombs’ Dismal Rock." 
Pleiades (2008)

"Mystery and Urgency: A Review of Jean Valentine’s Little Boat."
Pleiades (2008)